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About Roomer.by (contacts)

Apartments Roomer is a partner network of apartments in Minsk.

Our total experience in the hospitality industry is 78 years.

Who are we?

Our team is a team of professionals, decent responsible people and hospitable hosts.

Our love for Minsk is boundless, and we share it with our guests, most of whom become regular customers.

What can we offer besides our love?

More than 100 clean and well-maintained apartments in the tourist and business center of Minsk, polite, attentive and caring attitude to each guest.

Roomer — it is a synthesis of European standards of service, Eastern hospitality and Belarusian kindness.

Office phone: +375 29 140 44 88



LTD "Apartments Roomer", UNP 192985735, check the MNS 20.10.2017

Legal address: Minsk, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 22, room 2N

Actual address: we meet guests at the address of the booked apartment